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January 22, 2010


Palmo Carpino

Phrases that WON”T Enhance your Speaking Career

1. How much do I charge? Hold on, Let me ask my mom.
2. Are you going to finish that…?
3. I just finished my latest book with more than 200 pages – which is a LOT of coloring when you think about it
4. My next speaking engagement will be exactly one week after your cheque clears.
5. Absolutely NO recording devices of any sort - Alright, listen closely I’m not going to repeat myself.

Public Speaking Course

Hey Palmo,

I think that point 3 is a cracker. I'm going to use it!

Oh, and Craig, yours are pretty good too!



Anita Crawford Clark

I have been implementing the techniques I have picked up from you and the other champs with phenominal results. You have inspired me to joined Toastmasters and I am entering the International Speech Contest. My speaking has improved ten fold since learning from the champs. I wll se you and all the champ + one at Lady and the Champs!

Craig Valentine


Congratulations on your all of your progress. We're thrilled you can join us at Lady and the Champs!

Shailesh Mewada

Love your tips on public speaking

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