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October 07, 2009



Do not Drop Stats off; Drive them Home

THAT was exactly what I did at the conclusion of our High School Prom - which guaranteed me a 2nd date


Everything I read from you Craig is exactly what I need to hear. You have done what many masters don't do - you have learnt how to unpack your "how to" message on the page in a practical and compelling way so that others can pick up and start learning straight away.

My last speech was a real step up, and everything you recommended about audience engagement just "landed" every time.

Craig Valentine

That's funny Palmo. lol.

Craig Valentine

Thank you Daniel. That means a lot. Keep up the great work with every speech!

Bash Turay

Craig - Thank you so much for your fabulous work. Your tips, insights, and genuine desire to increase the universe of great speakers inspires me (and others, I'm sure) to use whatever skills and talents we may have to serve others beyond what they might expect. Keep up the good work, my friend.

Craig Valentine

Thank you Bash. I appreciate your comments and I look forward to providing more ideas during the upcoming weeks!

John Hayden

Great article, excellent tips on how to make a connection with the audience. Thanks, keep up the good work. JCH

Craig Valentine

Thanks John. It has been a while so it's nice to hear from you!

Rob Christeson

I really like the idea of following up a stat with real-world interpretation. The PhD line is a real eye-opener. All I've been able to do with my PhD-time is become a better storyteller and craft my keynote...

Craig Valentine

Thanks Rob. I'm sure you're using that time wisely. I have audio CDs in my car too. Right now I'm listening to The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. All the best!

Deana Murphy

Hey Craig,

I always look so forward to receiving your articles. Your insight and passion leaps at me in every line. You truly drove home the point about stats and stories. Not only can we use them in our speeches, but also in writing as well.

Thank you!

Craig Valentine

Thank you Deana. I'm glad you got some good pointers out of it. Keep speaking up!

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