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August 27, 2009



Craig, this is awesome! People love to connect with the familiar and become intrigued by the unfamiliar.

In my new book, Designing for the King, I used the analogy of creation (chaos to order) to reveal the interior design process. Then I kept it live with biblical principals (keeping it in order) to design principals. My hook is order did not end at creation.

I would love to study under you. Can't enroll in your program yet, but I do look forward to your newsletters. By the way, I will be using some of your analogies in my blog presentations at deanamurphy.com --- The Designing for Success Institute.

Do you ever speak in the Philly surrounding areas? My husband and I would love to come and support you.

I invite you to visit my site at www.designingfortheking.com

Showers of Blessings,

carol sanzo

Thank you Craig your awsomely generous......Carol x

Rob Christeson


I love the tips and specific examples of how to use analogies. Thanks!


i loved this story..thxs C.

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