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March 09, 2009


Ulysses Cooper

I would like to learn more about public speaking.

Stuart Corrigan

Thanks Criag, one of the few blogs I get that actually gives useful help and advice. Great ideas!

Daron Powers


Sound advice. One of the great copyrighters once said, "Join the conversation they are already having in their minds." It certainly works with a live audience.

Your ideas are sound and every serious speaker should consider using them. I have a talk today and you reminded me of something I learned long ago but forgot.

Thanks for the reminders once again.


Thanks for sharing this lesson. Great information especially for a novice speaker like me. I really appreciate this info.


Trina Hess

Did you get this stuff from Johnny Carson?! Your "Options for Answers" reminds me of his style: Even if his actual joke bombed, he drew attention to that, and got a laugh out of it anyway. And "Giving Your Audience Dialog" is what comedy is all about--stating the obvious. Thanks Craig for the great tips!
Trina Hess, comedian/humorist

Alan Goff

Great advice as always Graig.

Your blog is the only one I subscribe to as your tools are always timely, truthful and trustworthy. I incorporate your methods in my speaking all the time with great success.

Thanks for being a mentor.

Concepcion Shimerda

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and lessons. Anybody can use them and apply them to their speeches to be a good speaker. I Really appreciate this information.


Merri Macartney

Great practical lesson, Craig. I so appreciate you giving REAL examples to illustrate your points rather than just stating them. Well done!
While reading this, I was running through my mind the workshop I did two weeks ago. It went very well but these tools would have added so much more and put it over the top. Next workshop is in two more weeks... I look forward to using them as you have taught. Thank you so much.

Judy Lynn Schuler

I have an upcoming speech and as I was reviewing these tips, I was mentally re-writing my speech, making sure to interject these GREAT tools. Thanks for helping other speakers...it's such a great feeling!

Judy Lynn Schuler

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