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June 10, 2008


MZ Saleem

Hi Craig, Thanks for the 10 statements to reflect.
However what did you mean by statement 3,"When you lift yourself up, you let your audience down"
Did you mean speaker's charisma and enthusiasm in delivering the speech or "blowing speaker's own trumpet"?
If it is the latter, I agrre. If not I don't.

Trina Hess

After reflecting on your list, I realized I am partial to numbers 8 and 10. Uncovering humor and avoiding perfectionism! I think those two relate to each other--if you're trying to be perfect, you can't be humorous. I'm looking forward to the next episode in your series!
Trina Hess

Christine Duvivier

Craig, these statements are very helpful. The one that stands out for me is "too much information in too little time"-- thanks for getting me to think about that!

Dan Weedin

Hey Craig...welcome back to the world of blogging. I like your articles - I hope you keep posting.

Norm Nomura

Great first 10. I had to cheat by reading the other blogs to find out what "loose/lost" meant. I can figure out the others except "recorded/rewarded" and "perfection sucks".
I guess I'll stay tuned to more blogs to find out.
By the way, I imitated Daffy Duck, "You're Dithpicable" in a humorous Tall Tale. Won district. Thanks.

Kelly Chick

Thanks Craig!! I love the list!!! Will find a way to use it for
discussion/reflection with other speakers as you suggested. Hope to meet you someday at a Champ Camp.

Kelly Chick
Champions Edge Member
First City Toastmasters
Club #6412U
Ketchikan, Alaska

Jan Wheeler

Excellent points 1-9 that are easy to remember. As for # 10- the concept that perfection is not the ultimate goal is an important one - but please eliminate the use of the slang word 'suck" which has multiple negative connotations which many, including me, deem offensive.
How about rephrasing # 10 with some better memorable words.

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